Friday, October 01, 2010

give me a break

As mentioned yesterday, we had a string of things break down in a short period of time. It was almost comical.

But I learned a few things.
  • It is satisfying to knead bread dough by hand -dare I say more satisfying than dumping a bunch of ingredients in the bread pan and pushing a few buttons. The bread maker has been a good servant for almost 20 years (!) but it will not be replaced. Do not buy me a new bread maker.
  • After being without a working fridge for 10 days...and having the repairman here three times, I have decided that our next fridge will be an icebox. (I realize I may get a little resistance on this ~smile~). Our frozen stuff was tucked away in Mom and Dad's freezer (thank you!!!) and we had two coolers in the kitchen. This was very workable - hardly inconvenient at all (good thing I like to camp, huh?). There will be no fancy schmancy counter-depth fridges in my future. I think an old oak ice box would fit very nicely in the space allotted for the big side by side unreliable (and 'spensive!) monstrosity that sits there now. With a basket or bowl of produce attractively displayed on top. Nice, don't you think? Appeals to my inner Ma Ingalls.
  • The car. We have a 2 grocery stores and a produce stand within about three miles of us. One way. We could conceivably walk to get our groceries. Problem is there's no shoulder on these back roads and some c-r-a-z-y drivers (in TN you do not need to have Driver's Ed. to get a license. You can jump in the ditch when cars come careening around the curves, but that is where the dead possums are.) Church would be a little more problematic - 5 miles one way. Good thing I don't wear heels! :)
While we will do without a bread maker, we probably won't get rid of the fridge or the car. Okay, we certainly won't get rid of the fridge or the car. But it is nice to know that when modern conveniences fail, there is still the old-fashioned way of doing things.

I take great comfort in the fact, however, that tho' things break down (regularly!), Jesus never fails.
What things have broken down for you recently? And what have you decided you could live without?


Becky said...

I think going to an ice box is a great idea. We just had to replace our Maytag side by side refrigerator in our rental house in Florida. I say Maytag right out loud because we had all Maytag appliances in that house and I begged to have Kenmore instead, when we built. We had nothing but trouble with all the appliances in there. And that fridge was 6 yrs old.

Where is the ice man on his horse cart when you need him :)

Lora said...

Cheri, I have a request...I am missing your "Books Read" list...I always am interested to see what you have read...any chance you could return that to your sidebar or archive it?
PS ~ Please see my response to your comment to me on yesterday's post.

Cheri said...

ooops, Lora. My bad. I deleted it. I can see if the library can print out a list of what I check out last year if you want?

Ice men are pretty scarce in FL and TN, aren't they Becky! Seems like we all have appliance stories!