Monday, October 18, 2010

it was a very good idea

I'm not sure how it all came about. Perhaps it was Pat's mentioning that he didn't want to travel again at Christmas (we had several flight cancellations on our travels last year - makes for quite an adventure!).

We eventually decided to have an early Christmas with the kids. What better place to have it than our beloved Northwoods. We stayed at Zaugg's Resort. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! It is beautiful and our time there was wonderful.

I got to hold this little sweetie lots and lots and lots. She is holding a blanket my grandmother made for her daddy. Love her!


And snuggle with this guy. He is especially snuggly when he first wakes up. He is a great little guy with a fun sense of humor.


There were many highlights on this trip. In addition to time with the grands:
  • having all the kids and grands under one roof - I have the most wonderful daughters-in-law and Daniel's girlfriend (also very wonderful) was able to join us
  • listening to our three sons lead worship on Saturday night(Daniel played acoustic and led; Jon-electric and Nate - bass). WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!
  • spending time with friends who were able to come to the worship service
  • Pat's birthday surprise to me - a professional photographer taking family portraits
  • surprising Lora for her birthday
  • spending time with good friends - I could not get to everyone I wanted to see, but had quality time with those I did - thanks for carving time out of your schedules girls!
I have had a quiet smile on my face ever since we returned home. Reflecting on our great time with our wonderful family and repeatedly marveling at and thanking God for His goodness!

and...a note to lady farmer. I've tried repeatedly to comment on your blog but blogger keeps telling me that the connection has been disconnected. One thing I wanted to say is how different the Rockies look than the Smokies. No surprise though, that our GOD could create such vastly different mountain ranges when He creates such vastly different people! And flowers! And insects! ETC~


momawake said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad you had a great time.

Cheri said...

Thanks! We sure did!