Friday, October 08, 2010

'I was glad when they said unto me' part 1

I have always been excited to go to church. My folks did a great job of instilling a love for the church in the four of us kids.

Preparations began on Saturday evening. After supper, bath time would begin.

And then the fixing of hair. Three little stair-step girls lined up in front of the television (Lawrence Welk). Tangles would be combed out (ouch!), bristly curlers rolled into hair fixed into place with a pink pick that would necessarily have to graze the scalp to hold the roller in place. Only later would these be replaced by the nice soft foam (again with the pink!) rollers.

Sunday morning we would wake up to the sounds of Tennessee Ernie Ford LP albums on the stereo. Dad would be singing, pancakes would be made. Mom would cheerfully remind us of Psalm 122:1 – ‘I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the LORD.’ No whining, complaining or pouting allowed! We girls would be dressed up – often in matching dresses. And at Easter, bonnets, patent leather shoes and white socks edged in lace.

Such great memories. I loved Sunday school – the stories on the flannelgraph of Jesus who did the most wonderful things – walked on water….healed people…..loved children and defied death.

I have always loved going to church – even when I was a teenager! Mom and Dad taught Sunday school and there were times when I helped.

Fast forward several years. I was a young wife. And still loved the church and wanted to everything – teach Sunday School, sing in the choir. You name it, I was more than happy to do it. Serve on the Christian Ed committee? The search committee? The nominating committee? Sure!

Then the babies started to come along. And I discovered something. I did not run as smooth a household as my mother had. Something was missing. I needed help.

Continued tomorrow….


Lady Farmer said...

T.E. Ford ~ I'd almost forgotten about him. I just loved his voice!

momawake said...

Looking forward to tomorrow.