Saturday, October 09, 2010

'I was glad when they said unto me' part 2

It always happened. I would be all dressed for church. My son (s) would be all dressed for church. We hardly ever made it through breakfast without an incident. Spillage. Spit-up-age. Diaper issues. ☺ Food, spit-up or other things would now decorate my clothes. We would need to change our clothes and then would be late for church. I can’t stand to be late for anything. Especially not church.

Something had to change.

God showed His favor to me at this time. I listened to the local Christian radio station at the time. Their main demographic was 45+ females. I was in my mid-late twenties. But I loved the music and the programs.

One such program was Chapel of the Air. The host was David Mains a pastor from Chicago (interestingly enough – I had sung at that church when I was in high school and had a friend who attended there). His wife Karen was a frequent guest. One day she was talking about a book she had written. ‘Making Sunday Special’. I knew I had to have it.

Once it was in my hot little hands, I devoured it. And instantly applied the principles. It changed our Sunday mornings. Maybe Pat and the boys didn’t notice, but I did.

Here are some of the things I did as a result of reading this book:

1. I started praying more. For peace, calm and organization. For forgivenss for not being better prepared.
2. As the Israelites prepared for their Sabbath the day before the actual Sabbath, I started preparing earlier for Sunday.
3. Diaper bags were packed on Saturday afternoon.
4. Laundry was as caught up as possible. Outfits –down to the underwear, socks and shoes were laid out and back-ups were noted if necessary.
5. Bibles and Sunday school papers were located and any ‘homework’ was completed (memory verses were worked on throughout the week).
6. I tried, with limited success, to keep Saturday night as calm as possible. Earlier bedtimes, quieter stories, television off. I tried to make our home a peaceful home, yet also wanted to have the boys eagerly anticipate going to church.
7. If I was involved in teaching Sunday school it was always my goal to have my lesson ready early.
8. If I was in choir or on worship team, I enjoyed meditating on the words of the songs throughout the week.

I didn’t do any of this perfectly, but am so grateful to be able to report to you that all three of our boys love the church and regularly attend. Hopefully they don’t have any memories of chaotic, tense, rushed mornings.

And now I pray that they teach the next generation to love the church. To be glad when someone says to them ‘let us go unto the house of the LORD’.


Becky said...

Satan is definitely at his busiest on Sunday mornings ... cabbobbling (sp) all the activities and making even the strongest believers frustrated. It's nice to know we can frustrate HIM once in awhile :)

Lady Farmer said...

I well remember those days as a young mother trying to get everyone ready and to church on time! I still am late on occasion and don't like that I am *stealing* time from others as a result of that. And I heartily agree with Becky ~ Satan is very busy on Sundays! I will have to see if I can find "Making Sunday Special". IT would be a great gift for our church library! :~D