Saturday, October 02, 2010

weekend links

Fall, apparently, is a very good time to have a birthday. Happy Birthday to some of my childhood 'friends'.

I want to be like this very inspiring young man when I grow up.

Aren't these ornaments beautiful? It is not too early to start stitching!

Tired of working at a cluttered desk in a cluttered office? Would you like a work space like this?

And if you are not ready to start working on Christmas ornaments yet, how about these?
Pat and I had a particularly nice day yesterday. After packing 60 bags of groceries for the food pantry, we went for a little drive. We passed a restaurant some friends had recommended. Since it was neither lunch nor supper time, we stopped in for dessert.

The kind of dessert that they bring out on trays for your viewing pleasure.

Decadent desserts.

He had New York cheesecake with strawberries. I had triple chocolate cake. Surprised?

It was decadent and delicious and we smiled all the way home.

We passed yard sale after yard sale after yard sale and realized it was the 411 yard sale weekend. With no cash on hand and more importantly - no camera - we decided to visit the garage sales today.

Hopefully I'll have some deals and pictures to show you on Monday! Have a great weekend!


Becky said...

I really loved your list of places to visit. I got lost in the minimalist site and I am ready to go clean out my cabinets. Do I really need 23 coffee mugs that don't match? I could easily be a minimalist. Especially in this tiny apartment.

Cheri said...

I like reading miss minimalist too. She is kind and gentle and not too overt about Zen Buddhism.

She also isn't in your face like some of the hard core minimalist who competitively count how many things they own (I have less that 100! I have 57! Well, I have 50!).