Tuesday, October 26, 2010

re-use Tues

Our friend, Tonia, over at itty bitty impact has instituted a reuse tues at her blog. So, in the spirit of things, I'll join in.

My mother-in-law was a very thoughtful, sentimental person. She would spend a lot of time choosing the perfect card for her friends and family. So it was no surprise as we cleaned out her house after her passing that we would find - lots of cards.

Her sentimental son and daughter-in-law couldn't bear to throw them out either. Many of the cards were stained and had quite a bit of extra writing on them. But with my trusty scissors, a bottle of glue and some cardstock, they could easily be transformed and re-used.

I love the graphics on this card from the 40's.
(someone needs to be told how to sit like a lady though...)
this hillbilly card is so me
a batch of repurposed cards - and lots more to come!

Do you have any ideas for reuse tues?


Anonymous said...

Cute cards Cheri! I think of my Mom and how she would take the plastic cereal wrap and wipe it out and re-use it. We did not get boxed cereal very often but she re-used almost everything. I wish my kids would be a little more like their dear Grandma. Love ya, Ann

Anonymous said...

My mom would reuse Christmas cards as gift tags on next year's Christmas presents!

My dad has all kinds of ways to reuse old cereal boxes. He just put me to work last week cutting out his footprint on a Cheerios box so he could line his boots to last another day.

Lil sis Lori

Cheri said...

Thanks, Ann! I save cereal box liners too. Great for rolling out sugar cookies or pie crusts. Those young'uns can learn a lot from the older generation!

Lori, that is quintessential DOD. And yes, I remember Mom making gift tags out of old Christmas cards. This apple didn't fall too far from the tree!