Wednesday, October 06, 2010

tickling the ivories

These horses escaped from their pasture, ( six weeks or so ago) which is adjacent to our subdivision. They were grazing right across the street from our house. Lovely lawn ornaments, don't you think?

Last spring, when I was directing the elementary age children's choir, one of the mother's asked if I gave piano lessons. I didn't. But I said I would.

Because of a busy summer, we didn't get around to starting until last month. T. is progressing nicely and a delight to teach.

I ran into another mom at church. 'I hear you teach piano lessons,' says she. Her daughter will start mid-month.

And the grocery store...another. She will start at the end of October.

One more hopes to start after volleyball season is over.

I was shopping at our cute little Christian bookstore here in our itty bitty town. As I was scanning the shelves, I noticed that the proprietor carries - piano books! I thanked her and discussed the fact that I am just starting to give lessons. Another gal was in the store ( I know her since we both volunteer at Branches), overheard the piano lesson conversation, and said she knew of two friends who were looking for a piano teacher. the beauty shop - the gal who cuts our hair knew of some more people and will be giving them my number.

I am so excited and once more grateful (but not surprised) to see how God provides.


Becky said...

"exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine" He comes through every time. Yipee! And you can work from home.

Cheri said...

exactly Becky!