Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the day before

While I try to make every day thanksgiving day, it is wonderful to have a whole day set aside to remember our many, many blessings.
Aunts, cousins, brother, niece and nephews arrive today and tomorrow. I'm trying to get as much cooking done ahead of time as possible.
I'll be cooking the turkey today, cleaning all the meat off the bones and then making soup stock. The turkey will simmer in the flavorful soup stock tomorrow prior to dinner. I've done this before and it has worked out very well.
I'll also be making the sweet potato casserole and perhaps the mashed potatoes today. I made several loaves of bread earlier this week and sauteed the onions and celery in preparation for the assembly of the stuffing (or do you say dressing?).
Green beans, waldorf salad, cranberry sauce help round out this calorie-laden meal. Others are bringing pies.
We will eat until we are stuffed. And laugh.
And give thanks to GOD for His bountiful, abundant, amazing blessings.
Give thanks with a grateful heart,
give thanks to the Holy One,
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son!

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