Tuesday, November 09, 2010

dream retirement job

I've decided what I want to do when I'm retired.

Step one: Sell everything - house, furniture, all of it except for my clavinova and sewing machine and 33 pieces of clothing (Pat can keep some fishing equipment if he wants :) ).

Step two: Buy a modest motor home/camper. One that has room for the two of us, my clavinova, sewing machine, some fishing equipment and a small, adorable, well-behaved dog.

Step three: Start a ministry based on this.(please be sure to watch the video - blogger isn't letting me embed it here). *Instead of random acts of culture, it would be called Random Acts of Scripture (or something like that). We would tour the country doing three things:
1) feeding the hungry
2) building shelter for the homeless/repairing homes for the elderly, out of work, single parents and
3) singing at shopping malls and other public venues.

It would be so cool if a bunch of like-minded people would join us. (Maybe I should talk to my hubby about this first?). Can you imagine driving cross country, stopping to minister along the way and regularly singing the Hallelujah Chorus?

Anybody? Anybody?

*This video was taken the day before Halloween. Did you notice the gals that were wearing the devil's horns? They seemed to be ducking to avoid the camera. Feeling sheepish? The words to the Hallelujah Chorus are a great reminder that JESUS IS LORD OVER ALL!


Anonymous said...

You are such a lover of road trips! It sounds like a corner of the motor home would need to be reserved for building tools! Doesn't someone in your family "play" (musically) a saw? Or is that someone else's family. When it wasn't being used for cutting lumber.......it could join you in the Halleluah Chorus at the mall! Seriously though....follow your heart.....there is so much sorrow and poverty and need no matter where you look....An interesting concept from the video Sunday was evaluating your church's success by where the "weak" are in it. Are they neglected? Are they being helped? Are they being counseled, loved, and educated? It was more a criticism of the "strong"....in analyzing how much the love of Christ is flowing in the congregation. Something I have been mulling over all week. Linda

momawake said...

That video was pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

Loved the video. Watched it a couple times, off facebook. I'm still on the closet thing. Two more bags ready for goodwill. :)
Love ya,

Cheri said...

I do love a good road trip, Linda! Yes, I forgot about tools. That was Cindy W.'s dad that played the saw. And quite well, I might add.

Interesting way to evaluate your church. Definitely food for thought.

I agree momawake!

Does Randy know you are taking his clothes to Goodwill, Ann?