Friday, November 12, 2010

fast food

When I cook up a batch of rice, I frequently double the recipe and freeze half. When I buy a package of chicken breasts (on sale of course), I cook up the whole lot and freeze what we don't eat.

Last night, the cooking ahead came in very handy. My sweet neighbor and I went for a walk - normally a 45 minute endeavor. During our walk yesterday we stopped and talked to another neighbor. For a l-o-n-g time. We heard all the details of his recent open heart surgery (he is younger than I am!). Thankfully he is recovering well.

We continued walking and as my neighbor and I got ready to part ways, we talked for another 15 minutes or so. Then I went over to stop in and see the folks. We chatted a bit.

My plans were to have supper all ready by the time Pat came home. Ooops. He arrived when I did. is what I did with my chicken and rice (thawed the day before in the fridge):
The rice had been cooked with chopped onion (when I recipe calls for 1/2 C. of chopped onion, I chop the whole onion and thrown the extra in a freezer bag).
After thinly slicing the chicken breast, I sprinkled the rice and chicken with taco seasoning. Then I added about 1/2 C. of salsa.

I heated this through and then sprinkled it with grated cheese. Cooked it a little bit more until the cheese melted.

This was DELISH. And fast and easy. Perfect for those times when a 45 minute walk turns into a 90 minute excursion, right before supper.

I call it Mexican chicken (cuz I'm clever like that). It will be appearing again on our dinner table. Perhaps next time it will be called Mexican Turkey - a good way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers.
~~~~~'s say you are baking brownies in anticipation of 4 sets of company coming in the next two weeks (YAY! LOVE COMPANY!). And let's say you forget to put your glasses on when you pop the brownies in the oven and you set the temp. for 250* instead of 350*. And let's say 20 minutes later when you are ready to take the brownies out of the oven and you notice your miscalculation, but your sweet neighbor is waiting on you to walk with her....

It is possible to leave the brownies in the oven, turn the heat off, walk two loops of your neighborhood (almost two miles) and stop in and take the brownies out of the oven. They will be just fine!

Just in case you should ever need this heard it here first. :)


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you could freeze rice. What a funny day you had! Pray that I stop making coffee in the morning with yesterday's coffee grounds, and that I will stop trying to open the front door with the car door opener. Have a great day. Linda

Lady Farmer said...

I really love the idea of doubling a recipe to freeze for another day!
Your recipe for *Mexican Chicken* sounds yummy!
And I was just wondering if I could pop some brownies in the oven at 250* then turn it off after the alotted time and go for a 2 mile walk and have a talk with the neighbor and still have the brownies turn out! Good to know! You must have been reading my mind!

Cheri said...

Ooh, Linda - you are beginning to sound like me! Yes, I will pray for you!

LadyFarmer, I thought you might need that info. :)