Saturday, November 13, 2010

a few links 4 u

Here are a few ideas to keep you busy over the weekend:

These handmade wreaths look simple, yet elegant.

I think these ornaments are so adorable. The patterns are now available as a downloadable PDF .

I read this quote the other day and it got me thinking. 'Who decided it made sense to store unused stuff in plastic bins?'

As you may know, I have been continually trying to downsize my stuff for quite a while. I do not want to be a minimalist per se. I am grateful to have enough, but embarrassed to have too much. I counted our plastic bins. It makes me cringe to say that we have 24. 27 if you count Christmas stuff. Add to that 10 cardboard boxes in closets and under beds.

To be fair, not all of these bins are big - several of them are shoe box size, but in the interests of full disclosure, I counted them. I have 4 boxes just for craft type stuff. Several boxes hold family history items. Some boxes hold just a few things. I think with a little bit of work, I could reduce my 4 craft boxes to 3. And we could probably combine a few other boxes into one. Then use the empty plastic box to store something from a cardboard box. AND get RID of the empty cardboard box.

While Pat is watching football this weekend, I'll be re-organizing some of the bins.

We'll be celebrating our 37th (!!!!) wedding anniversary in 10 days. If we have 27 plastic bins and let's say 10 cardboard boxes - that is just one per year. Not too bad...but I don't want to continue to add a bin a year. Maybe from here on out we can get rid of a bin a year. By our 74th anniversary - no bins! :)

We'll see how low I can go! Check back on Monday. And I'm curious - how many plastic bins do you have?


Anonymous said...

Do we have to count plastic bins of home-school books? Please, no? Actually, because of the DUTCH in me, I justify my bins, because I want to try to learn to sell on ebay and make some money from some of this stuff to replace a "too embarrassed to tell you how old it is because you wouldn't believe me" refrigerator. So if you know of a simple "over 50" website that explains how to do this easily, let me know. Otherwise, I think it would be good to have a winter project of FILLING bins for a garage sale in the spring (in case ebay is beyond my brain) IT IS SNOWING BIG-TIME. Linda

Anonymous said...

I just read this quote this afternoon from P. Yancey's book "What Good is God". "As the Christian faith permeates society it tends to produce values that contradict the gospel." UNITED STATES: wealth, military power, decadence. JESUS: poverty, self-sacrifice, purity. His comments were regarding why other countries of the world can't figure us out....more at Christianity today website. Something to think about, and yes, off subject from plastic bins. I will have to get this book and read the whole thing. I always did like Yancey. Linda

Cheri said...

You don't have to count any of your bins, if you don't want to! And yes, some of our bins hold things that we hope to learn to sell on Ebay someday. Don't be embarrassed about your old fridge. Be proud! Yay, it has lasted lo these many years.

Enjoy the snow! Miss that.

I like Yancey, too. He isn't afraid to ask hard questions and doesn't settle for easy answers. Always makes me think. Hope you are doing okay! Ever see my boy?