Tuesday, November 02, 2010

limits that free part 2

Imelda Marcos Shoe Museum

I have continued to purge my closet over the years. I have a 'one-in, one-out' rule, that keeps me from returning to my stuffed closet days.

Everything I have I wear. Everything I have fits. Everything I have, I like.

Win. Win. Win.

Maybe it is the current state of the economy that has people rethinking their spendy-trendy ways. In my web wanderings, I have come across four clothing challenges:
(please note, I do not necessarily recommend the philosophies of any of these blogs, just found their experiments interesting):

The only project that I remotely considered being involved in was project 333. I went to my closet to count my clothes.

I don't even own 33 items of clothing (not including workout wear and sleep wear).

Now, to be fair - I do not work outside the home. But I do get dressed everyday. Presentably. I think if I worked full time I could get away with a bare bones wardrobe as well.

I tried a little experiment this summer. I wore the exact same thing to church each Sunday. Tan linen short sleeve blouse with a black skirt. No one seemed to notice my lack of variety (or turned me in to What Not to Wear). Yet, anyway.

You may want to consider simplifying and downsizing your closet. You might find it very freeing.

I sure did.

(BTW, I can be packed and ready to go on a trip in a matter of minutes. LOVE THAT!).

What's in your closet?


Lady Farmer said...

A Capitol One Credit Card!
Just kidding!
more than some,
less than most!
I like it that way. :~P

Anonymous said...

Here's a blog you might enjoy, a mom attempting to equip her kids for life rather than giving them a sense of entitlement: http://themoatblog.blogspot.com. Linda

Anonymous said...

OK that it, you have really inspired me. I'm going through Randy's clothes and getting rid of it.
Thanks, Ann

Anonymous said...

OK (thats it) is what I meant to write.

Cheri said...

Great answer Lady Farmer! :)

Looks like a very interesting blog, Linda. I'll bookmark it and peruse it as I have time. I love her mindset.

You may want to consult Randy on that Ann. :)