Wednesday, November 03, 2010

limits that free part 3

A few months ago, I went out to dinner with a couple of gals. One of them suggested stopping at a clothing store. Before I could pipe up and decline, the other gal said that her credit card was maxed at this particular store and she couldn't allow herself to go there until she had paid it off.

She wears a uniform at work, so I know she isn't paying money for work clothes. Thankfully, she was disciplined enough to stop shopping at her max, but I wonder if the joy of buying the clothing offset the discomfort the debt brought.

I'm not judging her, she is a sweetie and a good friend.

I'm hoping she can some day enjoy a closet with empty spaces and a credit card with no balance.

Less clothes=less debt. More space=more freedom.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves hard questions. Do I need this? Do I have enough? Can I pay for it?

Obviously questions not asked by these folks with super-sized closets. Apparently Eva Longoria doesn't adhere to my three jeans guidelines. :) My response to the question 'can a girl have too many jeans?' is a resounding 'YES!'.

Such a different mindset than the young man who felt two shirts was enough and did not want responsibility or the burden of care of a third.

Lest I sound like a clothes scrooge, let me assure you that I am not opposed to buying clothes when needed. My definition of 'when needed' may differ from others.

My dressier jeans are beginning to show signs of wear and will soon be shifted to my everyday jeans. I am watching sales and checking thrift stores for something that will fit the bill for my new dressy jeans.

My walking shoes are also in need of replacement. Hopefully sometime this month I will find a sale on the shoes I prefer.

I am very aware of how blessed I am. I have the ability and means to replace clothes that wear out. I would not care to have a closet the size of most people's bedrooms. But I do have choices - and plenty of them even with less than 33 items of clothing. It is enough. And more.

By limiting my clothing options, I have freed up some money that can be used to help others in genuine need. So many in our world have so few options when it comes to clothing.

Hopefully these past few posts have given you food for thought as you consider: "What's in your closet?"

I would really like feedback on these thoughts. Do you think I am off the wall? Has this challenged your way of looking at clothing? Do you think I have too many clothes? Did you count your clothes? (Ann did.) We can all learn from each other.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts that are good..that can apply to so many areas, when it comes to being stewards of what God has given us, and as we see the needs of the poor around us.....areas like these.....
Lake front property... when an off-water house will do?
Two cars.....when we could really get by with one?
A 2500 square foot house.....when 1000 square feet would do?
$4.00 latte's.....when we can make the same thing at home for 50 cents?
Home libraries full of books....that could encourage someone lonely?
Imagine how much we could give to others! This week the kids at school are bringing bags of Thanksgiving food "meals" (they were given a list) for the food pantry...What a wonderful gift to the 200 families the pantry wants to serve. Hope you are doing well. Linda

Becky said...

I got rid of about 2/3 of my clothes when we moved over the last year. Not all at once but little by little. When we moved here to this small apartment we realized that we had a total of ONE closet and we had to share, include all our boxes of stored stuff, and sewing/crafts, etc, etc. Everything is in that closet and it is tiny. Not a walk in at any stretch of the imagination.

So ... I have not counted my clothing, and I did need to buy some new things when the weather started turning cold. Two long sleeved tshirts, 2 sweatshirts, 2 cardigan sweaters (I only have one pair of jeans), I got rid of a ton of stuff when I went shopping for winter clothing. And now, if I ever bring a new item in I will get rid of at least one other. No sense in storing things I can't wear. I seriously wear the same one pair of jeans to church, work, shopping, etc. When I am staying home I wear a pair of sweatpants (cold weather) or yoga pants(cool weather).

We are learning to layer, which we had never done when we lived in the south. And it works! I love having less. I love not taking care of more.

And I love this new quote, which I am not sure if I've shared with you yet.

A member of a church in Birmingham, AL, when challenged by his pastor to adopt a new lifestyle of less, said, "I imagine myself standing in front of God one day and I can't imagine Him every saying, 'I wish you would have kept more for yourself'". I love that.

So NO! I do not think you are crazy.

Cheri said...

Some good thoughts Linda!

Good job, Becky! Doesn't it feel great? One pair of jeans - impressive. I have two, but one has holes in the knees are are strictly used for gardening and floor scrubbing.