Friday, November 05, 2010

neighborhood watch

We have an unofficial 'mayor' in our neighborhood. I'll call him 'Joe'. Joe seems to know a lot of things about a lot of folks in our little subdivision.

He means well and is a very nice guy.

So, I shouldn't have been surprised the other day when Pat received a call from Joe.
"There was a white truck in your driveway for about a half hour with a man sitting in it and then right after that there was a black truck in your driveway for about a half hour with a lady sitting in it."

He thought somebody was casing the joint (to steal my clothes? lol).

Silly me, I neglected to tell him that I was giving piano lessons.

It is nice to know that someone is watching out for us (and just a wee little bit creepy too).


Lady Farmer said...

Our neighbors are like that ~ yes a little bit creepy, but in some ways you feel safer. (One neighbor shares the driveway and another is across the bay and can see EVERYTHING that goes on here, with binoculars!)You just hope they are watching IF something should happen that needs reporting! But then, I think I'll stick with the One who sees everything to take care of me. (Ps. 37:39&40)

Anonymous said...

Our neighbor's moved away, and the one's that are still around don't even know we exist. :(
Just kidding ya, love ya, Ann

Anonymous said...

P.S. Is that a black widow under the pumpkin :)

Cheri said...

Lady Farmer, do you remember Mrs. Cratchit in Bewitched? Always watching Samantha and Darren and telling her husband Abner what was going on! Like that!

And yes, I will definitely stick with the ONE who sees everything!

Ann, miss (spying on) you! And yes, that is where we store our black widow spiders.

Anonymous said...

So how did the lessons go? As far as the "clothing" issue goes, we each took 5 things out of the closet yesterday to give to the thrift shop. "Inspired by Cheri" freedom! In Sunday school we discussed the "manna" message.....where God said, just take what you need for the day.....he gave them an amount...the rest was for others...and how different the world would be if we were able to just take what we need and share the rest....I told them I blogged with a "living with less" girlfriend who is good at this! Hope you are well. Linda

Cheri said...

Linda,the lessons are going well! Thanks for your guidance. And I'm so glad to hear that you are living 'free'! YAY! It feels good doesn't it?