Thursday, November 18, 2010

round 1

White powdery stuff. Snow? No, just an 'incident' with my mixer and some powdered sugar.

The floor was mopped more than once during my marathon baking/cooking spree on Monday. There may have been another 'incident' with a flour bag which was apparently not empty.

I really enjoyed my marathon baking/cooking day on Monday. It was gratifying to come back to my blog post to do list and check things off.

My aunt and uncle arrived Tuesday night under cover of darkness. We had terrific winds during that afternoon as well as an inch and a half of rain. Once everything calmed down the power went off for over an hour.

Since I knew my aunt and uncle would be eating supper on the road (well, actually in a restaurant), I planned to bring dessert down to Mom and Dad's. The cherry cheesecake I made the day before was perfect for this. This is more of a cheater cherry cheesecake - no crust and fewer calories. Fewer, as in, a million, not a billion.

Whip 1 C. whipping cream - set aside
Cream 8 oz. of cream cheese with 1 C. powdered sugar (some of which may land on the floor)
Add 1 tsp. vanilla and whipped cream to this.

I divided this mixture into 8 custard cups. Then topped off each one with a dollop of cherry pie filling (canned last summer after our neighbors generously allowed us to pick cherries from their trees).


The rain had stopped, but with the power off, it would have been difficult to get the car out of the garage (downside of garage door openers). So, we grabbed our Coleman battery powered lanterns and the dessert and walked down to Mom and Dad's.

The candles flickered in wall sconces and a few votives softly lit the living room. We sat and quietly chatted with the folks and my aunt and uncle. No telly noise, no fans, no fridge running. Peace and quiet and fellowship. I was disappointed when the power came back on.

A little cup of cherry cheesecake helped me get over it though.

Aunt B. and Uncle B. leave this morning. This afternoon, we pick Jon up from the airport.

This week just keeps getting funner and funner.


Nanato4 said...

Multiple floor moppings during a baking session ... now that sounds like my kitchen! ;-)


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