Thursday, December 02, 2010

Martha and Mary moments #1

Back when I was still directing choir in our Northwoods church, I started a little tradition of sharing
a 'Mary' moment and a 'Martha' moment at each practice.

The Mary moment focused on a brief devotional, helping to keep our minds focused on Christ.

The Martha moment shared a craft, decorating or cooking idea - giving us a fresh, easy idea for hospitality or gift giving during the month of December.

I thought I would revitalize that idea and share inspiration from my web wanderings.

Here is a Mary idea.
This idea came from friend and commenter kjh.

And now for a Martha idea.

You could spend the whole month perusing and implementing this!



Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are passing along "Following the Star." I'm grateful for its peaceful moments again this year.

I just took a quick look through the handmade items resource -- very special. I'm liking the felt holly garland and the yarn ball wreath, among other things. And I will want to go explore the source called Create Breathe; meanwhile I'll carry the reflective opportunity of that phrase as I go on with my day.

Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Cheri, I was just remembering your Mary/Martha moments fondly last week. Thanks for posting! The felt ornament projects in the magazine are perfect for sharing with granddaughters!
Karen P.

Cheri said...

How nice to hear from two of my favorite Karens on the same day!

Have fun creating and breathing girls!