Monday, December 13, 2010

Martha and Mary moment #9

work-in-progress - Christmas stockings
I want to finish them and get them in the mail by Friday

The past several days have been busy, but wonderful. Our choir banquet on Friday night was beautiful. 8 different women brought in in their Christmas dishes. We decorated 8 tables with these sets of dishes. They were all unique; all beautiful.
Although the fellowship hall is a cement block room with tile floor, the effect of all the different tables and centerpieces was quite elegant.

I was in charge of the entertainment and second in command to the remarkable SHB. Great job S!
For the entertainemt, I had a list of 22 Christmas carols (secular and sacred) with alternate titles.

For instance: Amalgamated inverted clappered cups.
What carol is that?

I read several of these to the choir and guests and they shouted out the (usually) correct answer.

After this I handed each table a card with the alternate name of the carol. They were to consult amongst themselves and then perform that carol for the rest of the group. The table that gave the most creative performance would get bragging rights and the opportunity to hit the dessert table first.

It was a hoot! My personal favorite was the lovely rendition of 'winged messengers from splendid empires'.* The choir members from that particular table did a beautiful job of singing and harmonizing and the non-choir member participated by occasionally inserting 'fa-la-la-la-la's' - off key and off beat. It was both gorgeous and hysterical (especially since this guy is a very low key person AND the words fa-la-la-la appear no where in this song).

Saturday's Christmas tea at my friend's home was lovely. She is not putting up a tree this year since they will be traveling, but the Christmas decorations she displayed were simple yet festive.

Since lady farmer asked if I would share the devotions, I will give you a snapshot of my talk here (it was about 10 min. long - too much for an already long blog post).

My theme was 'time'. During the month of December there does not seem to be enough time to do everything we want to do. We have too many activities to fit into the first 3 weeks or so of December. Not enough time to decorate, bake, shop, attend concerts and parties.

On the other had, there was one year when time d-r-a-g-g-e-d for me. Nathan, our first-born was due on November 7. November 7 came and went. No baby. November 8. No baby. November 9. No baby. November 10. No baby. November 15, 20, 25, 30. No baby. December 5. No baby.

Finally on December 6, I went into labor. Off to the hospital we went. After several hours they sent me home because my labor had stopped (~sob~).

December 10. No baby. FINALLY on December 13 Nathan decided to make an appearance. He was worth waiting for and has always lived up to his name 'gift from God'.

(And by the way - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN! Have a wonderful day - wish I could be with you!)

Sometimes time moves too fast, sometimes it drags. But there was a time when the perfect timing coincided with the most wonderful gift.

In the fullness of time, God sent His Son. Gal. 4:4

God's perfect timing....God's perfect gift. Jesus Christ.

I then shared my response to this wonderful gift - accepting Christ as my Savior - and invited the gals to do the same. Afterwards three of the ladies indicated an interest in participating in a neighborhood Bible study. We sang a few Christmas carols together and then went our separate ways.

A very nice way to spend a Christmas Saturday together.

*Let me know if you'd like the whole list....and answers? Do you know the two I mentioned?

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