Wednesday, December 01, 2010

simple yet festive

Mary Hunt of Debt-Proof Living shared this idea on the radio the other day.
If time or money or both, are in short supply during the Christmas season this year - keep your decorations simple.
Instead of shelling out lotsa cash for a tree - decorate these three areas:
1) Your front door. A wreath or a bow or some lights on your front door say 'Welcome!'.
2) Your dining room table. Set your table with your best dishes, have a festive centerpiece (something as simple as a bowl or ornaments or pine cones or both). Eat on your best dishes every night during December.
3) Your mantle. Don't have a mantle? Choose another area to grace with a garland and lights - the top of a piano, or the counters or above the cabinets - get creative.
All of these ideas are simple, inexpensive and easy. And fun!
Care to share any of your quick and easy decorating ideas?

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