Monday, January 17, 2011

scattered thoughts

Sometimes I fail to blog because I can't think of anything to say.

Sometimes I fail to blog because there is just too much to say and I don't know how to organize my thoughts.

Today, the latter is the case. So much to tell.

But, in the interest of not wanting to lose the few readers I have, I'll try to be brief.

Below is a picture of our ladies' trio with our former pastor and his wife. There are many stories I could tell you about each one of them. Kim and Joyce have been such good friends throughout the decades. They are a blessing!

Byron was our first pastor when we moved to the Northwoods in 1978. He and Bibbie had been missionaries to what was then called Zaire for many years. They brought their love for people and their fascinating stories from Africa with them. Byron's daughter told us that one of the church hierarchy said of him, "Byron, you are not much good in the pulpit, but you sure know how to love your people."

We always felt their love. For God and for us. To this day.

Bibbie was Nathan's first Sunday school teacher. She made the Scriptures come alive for him. One day, I had Jon and Nathan outside with me while I was hanging up laundry. Jon was just a few months old and I had placed him in a laundry basket with dry clean blankets. Nathan was playing with toys at my feet. The sheets I had hung on the line kept blowing in his face and when he had had enough, he stood, raised his hands and shouted, "Peace, be still!"

Bibbie had taught him that Jesus could calm storms. Nathan took the lesson to heart.

wonderful, wonderful people
While I was in the Northwoods I was also able to meet with with the 'Bible study babes'. :)
How I miss sitting on Katie's brown couch in her cozy house, opening the Word together.
It was so wonderful that Jan was able to meet us at the airport. The two hours that we spent lunching and chatting together flew by:
And completely unrelated to any of the above, I forgot to show this little wallet I made for my niece for Christmas. Mary Englebreit Moda fabric, lined with some musical fabric. I tucked some spending money inside. She loved it!

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