Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year!

The end of one year and the beginning of another. A time for reflection and evaluation.

We had several milestones last year:
  • Our youngest graduated from college (and got a job!)
  • Pat retired
  • God blessed us with our second precious grandchild Sadie Elizabeth

I got to see all of my siblings (and assorted nieces and nephews) at least twice and I got to see the kids 4 times (never enough, but I am thankful for that many because of the distance). We also got to see cousins and aunts.

2010 revolved around family. We are so blessed and so grateful.

Our Christmas was wonderful, though we did not exchange gifts. It is not about the presents, but the Presence. Of the One who came at Christmas. And the presence of so many loved ones made it even more precious and memorable.


This morning's pre-dawn walk was beautiful with a little hint of danger. There was not a cloud in the sky and the stars were magnificent. I even saw two shooting stars and marveled that the GOD who created the limitless expanse of space cares about me. That knowledge makes me ready to face 2011 no matter what it brings.

As I was resting safely and securely in that knowledge; I heard the eerie howling of a pack of coyotes. They were close - perhaps in the field adjacent to our subdivision. I could not see them, but I could definitely hear their bone chilling cries. Danger lurked for the cattle in that field - especially the calves.

I thought of my neighbor - her 2010 was filled with difficulty and tragedy. We spoke yesterday and she remarked that she was so thankful that she did not know what the year held at the beginning.

We do not know what 2011 holds, but we rest secure in the everlasting arms of the One who holds the future.

Hoping 2011 brings lots of visits to and from these cuties:

Josh anticipating the new year

Sweet Sadie, apparently worn out from the old one

Photos stolen from Jon (without permission - hope it is okay Jon!)

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