Friday, January 28, 2011

just plane travel

Although it seems like I just got home, it is time to leave again. I have flown more in the past 2 and a half years than I have my entire life.

This trip is serious in nature, although we will have time with the kids and grands (yippee!!!), which will definitely lighten the mood.

Pat and I are heading north together. Since we are flying a carrier that charges for checked bags, we will be only taking carry-ons.

Last time I was up north, (two weeks ago) I was discussing with a friend how I was able to pack for 6 days with only a carry-on. This was a new concept for her and in case it is new for you, here are a few links that will inspire you to travel light:

Miss Minimalist travels with only a large purse for a long weekend.

Or is she is gone longer than a week, she takes a carry-on.

The everyday minimalist packs a duffle bag for a month long trip to Asia.

Wiki-how tells how to pack your carry-on.

And... four shirts are all you need

When we travel by car, I like to be prepared with food, beverages, blankets, etc. When I travel by air, I like to, and am learning to, travel light.

How 'bout you?


Nanato4 said...

We usually don't fly (since DH & I neither one like flying - AT ALL), but when we do, it's for shorter trips (~4 days) for pleasure. What helps me travel light is getting over my issue with wearing the same thing the entire trip. On the plane, I wear pants,a top and a sweater that will work for casual or dinner - and a jacket or coat if I'm going somewhere cool/cold. Then I don't need to take up any space in my luggage with clothing (other than underwear and PJs). The only other clothing I might pack is if we were flying somewhere warm and I need to take some shorts/capris ... and I'd choose something that would go with the top/sweater I was already wearing. I also carry a larger purse and use it to carry stuff like my camera and toiletries (easier to get them out of my purse than out of the suitcase when I go through security); that leaves a little more room in my small-ish carry-on.

Anonymous said...

Praying for safe travels and Christ's peace.

Cheri said...

Sounds like you are a pro, nanato4. Thanks for sharing!

And Karen, thank you for your prayers.