Wednesday, January 05, 2011

opportunity knocks

Once upon a time, three young moms attended the same church.

They sang in the same choir.

And one day, they found that if they sang together as a trio, people liked it.

The three young moms liked singing together, too.

So they practiced a lot, with nine kids amongst them, practices were never dull or quiet.

It was great fun.

Fast forward almost 25+ years. The three young moms are so young. In fact they are all mothers-in-law and two of them are grandmas.

They haven't sung together in years. :(

They don't even live near each other any more. :(

But someone remembered that once upon a time they used to sing together and invited them to come sing at a ladies' retreat. :)

And so, with great joy, they accepted the invitation. :)

The (formerly) young moms will be able to sing for their former, dearly beloved, pastor and his wife.

They will be able to see other formerly young friends. And go tubing and laugh together and make wonderful memories.
I'm beyond the moon excited about this opportunity. I fly to the Northwoods in the morning and will be back to blogging, LORD willing, in a week or so.

Please pray for the speaker. She is also a formerly young friend. Her husband has been having some heart problems this week and she may not be able to come. If that is the case, I will really miss seeing her. Also, if that is the case, I have semi-volunteered/agreed to speak at one of the sessions.

Yikes ( and yay - I'm excited to share some of what I have been learning)! Prayers please.

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learned a lot