Tuesday, January 18, 2011


One of the evening meals at the retreat was not served at the camp dining hall with a hundred or so teenagers.

It was served in a more intimate setting at the Forest Center where we held all our meeting. Roaring fire in the corner, beautifully set tables, delicious food shared with wonderful friends.

I felt so pampered and blessed and filled up with God's Word and His love and love of my friends.

Good thing too. Over the next week, the pampering would end and life's realities would be bumping up against us.

But He is Faithful and True. So Faithful and True.


Anonymous said...

A special group of friends for sure! None of you broke anything tubing? Knee surgery for me next week. Guess all your bones are out-performing my bones! Glad you had that special time of pampering. Love you, Linda

Cheri said...

oooh, praying for you Linda! No tubing for me. Tubing and osteoporosis are a recipe for disaster!