Thursday, February 03, 2011

and sew on

I wish I was a more accomplished knitter. I would so make this adorable ensemble for our Sadie Beth.

Our young friend has started a new blog. Resolved to make all of her daughters' clothing, she is off to a great start. I'm sure I can find some inspiration here for clothes for Sadie.

And speaking of sewing...are you watching the Super Bowl on Sunday? And rooting for the Packers?

Well, H & R Block recently came to a small town near here. A town named Greenback (significant name). They re-did tax returns for volunteers in this small town. They were able to get some money back for many residents. And for one resident they were able to get $5000 back!

She has become the subject of a commercial for H&R Block. Perhaps you have seen one? They are playing nationally - in fact, last I heard she would be in 5 commercials - one airing during the Super Bowl.

So...if you are watching the Super Bowl, pay attention to the commercials. And if you see an H&R Block commercial you will probably see Terri from Mountain Creek Quilt Shop .

I know her.

(If you come visit me, I'll take you to meet her too! Her shop is super cute.)


Becky said...

I HAVE seen your friend's commercial. I always wonder if stuff like that is real. Now I know.

And I love the new blog myself. In fact, I took that sweet mama 2 bins of leftover fabric when I saw her on Sunday. She was tickled and I can't wait to see if she uses any of it in her resolution-keeping. I told her she might want to learn to quilt like her own mama.

Anonymous said...

Really cute outfit to knit. Linda