Tuesday, February 22, 2011

date night with Daddy

Sadie is a lucky girl. Her daddy is not afraid to take an eight month old to a Father/ daughter banquet (course Sadie only got to eat sweet potatoes and peas...).

The theme was 'the 50's' and since Grandma is a product of the '50's she was conscripted to make a poodle skirt.

Since Grandma wasn't born yesterday...she didn't make a skirt. The felt required for a proper poodle skirt is not practical - or washable. Plus - this was a rush job. So she bought a cute ruffled skirt and appliqued a poodle and leash onto it.
Closer inspection reveals that Mommy found a cuter poodle applique (I found a big one at Malwart, but Mommy apparently found a right-sized one). Good job, Mommy!

Doesn't she look adorable ('yes' is the correct response). And happy!

And not to be outdone, big brother Josh is very 'GQ'.


Nanato4 said...

Yes is ALWAYS the correct response when discussing the adorableness of grandchildren! ;-) And yes, yours are especially adorable!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Becky said...

I could just eat her with a spoon. And what a great sport daddy is. She's a lovely date :)

Anonymous said...

The Crooked Maple is alive again.
VERY cute kids !!!