Friday, February 25, 2011

Heigh* Ho Silver...and Away!

The time had come.

We had gotten a lot of good years out of it (8 on our watch).

And a lot of good miles (120,000 on our watch).

The mini must be sold. *sob* Lots of good trips and great memories.

Pat listed it on Craig's list. The first call came within 60 SECONDS followed by 4 more in the next hour. We kept all their numbers in case the first people didn't work out. Then we deleted the listing so the phone would stop ringing.

We have sold many things on Craig's List. Our jeep, a desk, a piano, some fishing equipment....The secret to our success? Besides prayer? (main secret).

Pat is a genius with words and can sell you the shirt off your back.

He started the ad with 'Retired couple selling well-maintained 2000 Town and Country Van...'. Now, doesn't that make you feel safe? I'm not sure if he used the words 'gently driven' , but he could have (except for the years when Daniel was still home ~smile~).

The first couple came with cash in hand. Yay, cash! They felt so safe that they left their baby with me while they test drove the car. Who does that in this day and age - leaves their baby with a complete stranger? He sure was a cute little guy - four months old - big dimples. We had fun while Mom and Dad were out putting the mini through its paces.

Up until now, this young couple with four children had been going places in two cars. They were anxious to be able to fit their whole family in one car.

They bought it!

We had been shopping (correction- Pat had been shopping) for a new car for a l-o-n-g time. There are some pretty, shiny new cars with very attractive lease arrangements out there. We test drove, we pondered, we prayed. We almost bit the bullet.

But one day Pat realized that one place our brand new shiny car would frequent would be boat landings and fishing piers. Pat does not currently have a boat, so he fishes from the shore. The cars in these parking lots are not shiny and new. A shiny, new car is just begging to be 'keyed' at locations such as this.

In fact, the very next day, Pat was admiring a shiny, new Subaru parked outside the gym. A lady joined him and said, 'I'd be afraid to drive a car like that...I had a shiny new car once and it got keyed parked right outside the courthouse!'


So, our 'new' car is not a 2011. Instead it is a 2000. But it has 100,000 fewer miles on it than our mini did. We procured it from a nice retired couple. It is well maintained and has been gently driven.

They are the kind of people you would feel comfortable leaving your babies with. In fact, we have.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

*could also be spelled Hi. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh great, now your neighbors will be wanting to borrow it -- or be xpecting to hitch a ride. . . . :-)
Congratulations to all retired couples and sweet babies involved on an abundantly blessed process and outcome.

Lady Farmer said...

Having a new car doesn't mean it comes without headaches! We just had to have a new starter put in our 1 1/2 year old car! That's just not right! We traded our *old* car in with the cash for clunckers deal. I think it ran better than our new one! And Gentleman Farmer has been driving the same pickup truck to work since 1973! One more year to go and they can both retire! :~D He doesn't worry about being keyed, firedwood damaging the bed, or seagulland crows leaving their calling card on it ~ I don't think there is any paint left on the poor thing! When we go to the garbage dump they write down the color of your vehicle. What used to be Midnight Blue is now *rust*!
How wonderful to purchase a *new* car from such a 'reputable' couple! ;~P

Cheri said...

They can ride with us anytime kjh! :)
Thanks for the congrats - it it nice to have THAT done for a while (8 years or so given our track record).

Good for Gentleman Farmer! I love making things last, and last and last... Plus nine times out of ten I'm disappointed in new things. Enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I let that fella work on my car once....ran like a gem after that. Good deal you made.

Cassie Brendan said...

Ah, an awesome car story! If Pat was working in a car dealership, he would have sold a lot of cars! Good thing that the selling went smoothly. And things got even better with the car buying!