Tuesday, February 08, 2011

in case of emergency

just a reminder that winter doesn't last forever

What would you do?

Do you ever think of worst case scenarios and wonder how to prepare for them?

True confession: I do.
I'm kind of amazed at our new national hero, great grandmother, Mary Thornberry. She was armed and dangerous in her downtown Cairo apartment during the worst of the rioting. A cane, a knife, a rolling pin and boiling water. Never would have thought to fend off thugs with those weapons. What a woman!
To be prepared for emergencies, here are some helpful tips:
Thinking of emergencies reminded me of a day long ago. Daniel and his buddy Steven were involved in the AWANA Olympics. I took them to the event at a school in a nearby town. It was Saturday morning and kids and parents were waiting in eager anticipation of the big event.
Daniel and Steven were out in the main area just off the gym. There is a glass case in this central area. Enclosed is a realistic woodland scene with taxidermied animals native to the Northwoods. The boys were admiring all the 'cool' animals in the case while I was chatting with a friend.
All of a sudden the fire alarm went off. I looked around for the kids only to find them next to the fire alarm. You know, In case of emergency - PULL.
Well, the boys were in first grade...homeschooled...unfamiliar with the ways of 'real' school...and just learning how to read. I won't say who PULLed the alarm, but it wasn't my kid.
We had to evacuate the school....even though we knew there wasn't a fire.
It took a long time to get back to the AWANA Olympics.
It took an even longer time for Steven to live down his part in the chaos (the sign said PULL, he was just being obedient).


Anonymous said...

That rolling pin caught my attention too, on the news! Fiesty woman! As far as emergencies go, my mind does that whole planning what I would do thing too sometimes. As far as spring goes, I had a bright bunch of flowers in the house last week....so cheery when it is cold outside. Spring is coming! Did you know Roy Tosch? He died last week and the funeral was today. It was incredible hearing all the testimonies of men now grown up who were saved through Roy and his camping ministries. It was a happy celebration. I played piano for it. Hope you are doing well! Linda

Cheri said...

Linda, yes we knew Roy. An amazing man with so much energy and vision!

Glad you could be part of his celebration.