Tuesday, February 01, 2011

in which (almost) nothing went according to plan

You know how, when you take a trip, you map out the days and make plans for what will happen each day?

We do that too, but I'm thinking of giving up on that tactic. It doesn't work.

Here were our plans for the weekend:

  • fly into O'Hare and be picked up by Nathan
  • spend a wonderful afternoon with the kids and grands
  • go to church together and sit all in a row worshipping the LORD
  • visit a loved one who has only been given weeks to live
  • bring much comfort to her
  • have lots of time with the kids, laughing, talking, eating, maybe a little shopping
  • go home Tuesday refreshed

Here is what really happened:

  • flew into O'Hare and were picked up by Nathan
  • spent a very short afternoon with the kids and grands - Sadie was fussy and Kristi was concerned about taking her to church. Pat and I stayed home from church with Kristi and Sadie while Nate, Michelle, Jon and Josh went to church.
  • our visit with our loved one who is terminally ill was a great comfort to us. As is often the case, those who are coming to minister are usually the ones being ministered to by the dying person. What a great encouragement to see her faith, her peace, her acceptance. And to learn more of her life of service.
  • She wants Pat to officiate at her 'celebration of life' service when she steps into heaven. Pat has never done this. It is humbling; but also a great responsibility and honor.
  • Nathan came down with Noro virus. We were only at their house for less than 48 hours-24 hours of which he was very sick in bed. :(
  • Michelle checked the weather Sunday evening. Lo and behold a blizzard warning effective at about the time of our departure.
  • United Airlines was offering waivers for ticket changing fees to travelers who would switch their tickets ahead of time.
  • Instead of flying out on Tuesday afternoon, we left for O'Hare at 3:40 AM Monday morning. Nathan was still too sick to take us; thankfully Jon was willing and able.
  • We arrived home, not refreshed, but exhausted.
  • We missed a whole extra day +of being with the kids and grands.
  • Jon and Kristi headed home a day early too, Josh ended up getting sick 5 minutes before they arrived home.

Plans? LOL.

But we are always blessed to be with our kids and this trip held an extra blessing that we were not expecting. I remember listening to a woman with terminal cancer long ago. She said she felt sorry for the rest of us who are also terminally ill - only we don't know it.

We do live our lives differently when we realize that we will not be here on this earth forever.

Please pray for our dear E. during these final weeks (according to her Dr.) of her life. She is a very special lady and is teaching us how to live.


Anonymous said...

I have been prayerfully following you across the miles; I was wondering if you were stuck in severe weather. I was guessing that you would need to make one shirt last a week and a half. :-)

You accomplished your primary objective, even though the surrounding details were not at all what you wanted or expected. I'm glad you had the opportunity to move up your flight and that you are safely home.

Now we pray for you both to get some rest and stay well, despite having been with your beloved but germy family.

Love & prayers,

Lady Farmer said...

Ditto what kjh said! :~P

Anonymous said...

Your story reminds me of years ago when we were doing some sort of homeschooling event in someone's garage (Joy's?) and one of your sons was sitting next to you and couldn't get whatever we were making to come out quite right and he was frustrated and you said, "we live in an imperfect world, dear; just do your best". Do you remember that? It always stuck with me (being in that whole world of homeschooling perfection). Your schedule did no go perfect but so much ministry takes place in the imperfect, unplanned moments of our lives and I am sure, with your compassionate nature, all of the sick family members were glad to have you around. Hope you are taking time to recoup and I hope you don't get the flu bug! Are you getting the storm in your area of the state? I'm getting cabin fever but am hesitant to try to walk outside yet with crutches, and don't have permission to drive yet....hope to get that tomorrow. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Kristi, I would send you boxes of popsicles to keep Josh hydrated if I could! Thinking of you. Linda

Becky said...

Praying peace to E and all that love her.

And I am so glad to have met our "mutual friend". It was such a pleasure to know a sister in Christ who also knows you. And what a delight she is.

Becky said...

Also ... very glad you left early. It is blizzarding away out there now. Like a switch was turned on all of the sudden. Terrible, terrible wind and blowing snow.

Cheri said...

LOL Karen, I had three shirts with me! I could have stayed a month!

Thanks so much for you prayers. Praying for you now, iced in, I suppose?

Thanks Lady Farmer!

I don't remember that Linda, but I have to say...that sounds like me! :)

Praying for you...BE CAREFUL! Getting out is not worth slipping on the ice and doing more damage. And Josh is feeling much better - thanks.

Becky, enjoy your snow day(s). Keep safe and warm. Glad you are not in that drafty NC townhouse!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we're iced in but thankfully have power. So glad Joshua is feeling better.