Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday sites

Today there is a fabric sale at my favorite quilt shop (I did not see her commercial on the Super Bowl - it aired earlier in the day; but I did watch the Super Bowl with her and she was rooting for the Packers too!).
I'm gonna have to head up there (Mom, want go with?) cause I spotted this adorable little dress. Sigh. I've been working on a Christmas cross stitch forever now. Time for a little break from that so I can work on some Sadie-size dresses.
What are gas prices like in your area? When we returned from Illinois on Sunday a gallon was$2.98. The next day $3.07 and the next $3.21. Yikes!
So, if you need some money saving inspiration check here and here.
Hope you have a great weekend. We have lots of little projects to attend to here. Enjoy!

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