Tuesday, March 29, 2011

busy hands

There are so many wonderful craft blogs on the internet. A person could get lost in them and spend hours and hours gaining ideas and inspiration. But sometimes a person just needs to step away from the computer and get busy . This table runner is almost four feet long and took hours and hours and hours and hours to finish. I still need to back it, but may have to wait until Christmas fabrics return to the shelves to find the right one. It is not rumpled and lumpy in real life.
In comparison, these bibs for our Sadie Beth went super fast. And imho turned our super cute!

Sorry the pictures are so dark. It was a dreary day when I took the pics and I took them with my old camera.

My new camera is not on speaking terms with Pat's computer. My laptop is not on speaking terms with the internet here at home. So when I want to put up a quick post - the old camera it is.

Hope you have a great and productive day! Another rainy day at our house. I cut out a dress for Sadie yesterday and plan to get stitching today. Pictures soon!


Lady Farmer said...

Oh, my! What a gorgeous Christmas table runner, Cheri! Yes ~ hours and hours of work put into that treasure! But you will either have to make a few more or expect a battle over it if it is not put into your will who is to get it! (smile) Lovely job!
Be Blessed today!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Cheri. Linda

Cheri said...

Thanks, girls!

It was (mostly) fun!