Thursday, March 03, 2011

in cent ive

The sun is shining, the air feels a little warmer, the mountain bluets (ab0ve) are blooming in scattered clumps across the adjacent pasture.

Spring is in the air here. I potted some cheerful yellow pansies in burgundy pots and placed them on our front porch steps. They say 'welcome' to all who enter.

Thank you all for your congratulations on our news of another grandbaby. I am so excited!
"Sons are a heritage from othe LORD, children a reward from Him."
Psalm 127:3


Yesterday's errands took me to the dump and a few grocery stores. On the way to the dump, I decided to stop in at the gas station and fill up. We had about a half a tank of gas; I don't like to let it get lower than that. The price was $3.29. I cringed, but filled.

After I came back from the dump (maybe 15 minutes later), the price had climbed to $3.35. Glad I stopped before and not after! I saved less than a dollar....but a dollar saved is a dollar earned. I thank GOD for prompting me to stop before and not after.

I'm sure you have noticed the prices climbing at the grocery store. Lettuce was $1.99 a head at the Save-a-lot, $1.48 at Ingles and $1.79 at our little fruit stand (just re-opened yesterday for the season - the owner warned me that prices had jumped).

So, instead of lettuce salads, we will be eating cole slaw. I bought a large head of cabbage for $.45 a pound. We have a little bit of lettuce left in the fridge. Once that is gone, we will wait until our garden lettuce comes in.

Generally speaking I try not to pay more than $1 per pound for veggies. I like to keep fruit under that price as well, but I will make certain exceptions. For the past 3 years, our little fruit stand has always had apples for $.89. Now they are $.99. Strawberries can be found at $2. a pound. That is about as high as I will go. I have bought some for smoothies and for my oatmeal (oatmeal is about the cheapest breakfast one can eat - and healthy!). I generally avoid the expensive strawberries and instead pig out on them when they are in season and I can pick and eat them fresh. Much better that way.

I try to not pay more than $2 a pound on meat - except for special occassions. This week London broil was on sale for $2.48 a pound. I did pick up a couple of packs of that. Marinated and grilled it is a delicious meal. Then I thinly cut the remainder which is great for sandwiches or fried in butter and garlic. Mmmmm.

Cheese? Once upon a time I would not pay more that $3 a pound. It is getting very hard to find it at that price. More often it inches closer to $4. Thankfully this week, I found some at $3 and bought several packages.

Boring? Not for me. I am easily entertained. I like the thrill of the hunt...trying to make Pat's hard earned income go a little further (or is it farther - I always get these mixed up!).

The motivation for saving? Purely selfish. I have a new grandbaby to welcome come September. Yippee!



Anonymous said...

Mark filled up on Tuesday for $3.15 in the town where he works -- an aberration around here; "normal" had gone from $3.27 to 3.34-38. Yesterday it jumped everywhere around here to $3.55. So he was feeling quite good about that. We are grateful when we can "win" which happens a lot, but not always. One can get whiplash from the gas prices.

Anonymous said...

It's further. Farther is used in relation to distance.

Anonymous said...

$3.59 a gallon in Eagle River today, but I had gas points from shopping at Trigs for 20 cents off a gallon. Lettuce was 2.99, but surprisingly I was able to get it for half that price at Golden Harvest in Rhinelander, and it was organic! My sister-in-law buys oatmeal in bulk at the same store (50 lbs) and we share it. For salads I have just discovered the sweet nutty taste of sprouting wheat berries too...give that a try! (My sister-in-law buys that in bulk too, and grinds her own wheat, so she shared some with me to try.) Drove to Three Lakes for a very good meat sale this morning...(she brings her food from afar--HA!) We have both been deepening our pantry out of a desire to be more prepared...for whatever comes....I love going to your sidelist to Coffee, Tea.....and getting inspired. Miss you! Linda

Nanato4 said...

Gas is about the same here. DH's car runs on diesel which is $3.60/gallon now. At least he gets around 40 mpg, but still ...

Anonymous said...

PS: Your errand to the dump reminds me that that was a favorite trip for our little K back in the day. We would sing: "To the dump, to the dump, to the dump dump dump" -- which then connects to your "Heigh Ho, Silver" post, Next time you take Silver to the dump, you'll have to sing!

Cheri said...

Good job, Mark! And yes, kjh, we are grateful as well when we beat the game.

Thanks, for the grammar correction - l'il sis?

Linda, I had intended to mention sprouting in this post. Thanks for the reminder. On it!

Yes, nanato4 diesel prices are very painful!

kjh, we used to sing 'to the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump dump' as well! Great minds....:)