Thursday, March 31, 2011

in good company

It meant so much to us that Nancy and Lanny and their daughters and nieces would carve 2 hours out of their 13+ hour drive to sit and chat with us. We offered to meet them out at the interstate (only 15 miles from us), but they wanted to see us in our natural habitat. :) I fixed a simple brunch of grapes, fresh pineapple, apple bread, blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs garnished with shredded pepper jack cheese. A quick tour of the house and a delightful two hours of chatter followed. They are members of the church where Daniel serves and their home was Daniel's home away from home during his growing up years. They brought glowing reports of Daniel's ministry and this mama's heart welled up with gratitude to GOD. Our time was over before we knew it and I'm sure they would have lingered but had hours to go until they could sleep. They brought special Northwoods gifts - dried cranberries, maple syrup and award winning fudge from the local candy store in our hometown. Sweet gifts, but sweetest of all was time spent with wonderful friends.


Becky said...

I love those kind of visits. I'm sure they were equally blessed.

Nancy said...

We were blessed abundantly, Becky. If Cheri werent' my age, I'd want her for my mom! :)

Our visit was warm, precious, and way too short. Thanks for the lovely breakfast with even lovlier company, Pat and Cheri. I miss you.