Thursday, March 24, 2011

quick check in

It has been a fun and busy week.

My sister and nephew were here all week. My brother and niece and nephew came down on Thursday for a few hours.

My nephew challenged me to a video game of the car-racing variety. Wanting to be a good aunt, I agreed to play. I knew he would win of course, since the last time I played a video game was probably 1992.

What I did not expect? That I would get car-sick. Yep. Nausea. Headache. Almost lost my supper.

No more video games for Aunt Cheri, who has handed in her title of cool aunt.

Emilee entertained us, as usual. Here she is taking a modest bow after her performance.

Don't you wish you could get away with wearing a tiara?
My relatives are a bunch of clowns (grandma started it!):

On a more serious note, an F3 tornado blew through our area Wednesday night. Mom, Dad and I passed through the damaged town of Greenback on our way to the Dr. yesterday. The destruction was amazing.

This happened about a mile north of my favorite quilt shop. Thankfully she suffered no damage. But she is reaching out to help those who lost their homes.

No one was killed and only two were injured which amazed us as we surveyed all the debris strewn from one side of the highway to the other.

We are thanking God.
Lots of other things going on here, but no time to to a ladies' tea this morning, a campfire and sing along tonight. We are expecting company for brunch tomorrow morning and then church tomorrow afternoon.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Becky said...

I cannot believe how big Emilee is. I remember when you babysat for her a while back. Must have been years instead of months.

Fun crowd. I'd say they should take the show on the road but I guess they already did.

Anonymous said...

I can't race with Ike either without feeling sick.....but that doesn't make us less cool! We, after all, can still make cookies! Love the tiarra. A relative of mine had her daughters wear tiarras when they would go out to eat for their birthdays...they still do it now that they are adults! Put on a tiarra on a gloomy day and remember you are a daughter of the KING! This daughter of the king is spring-cleaning the castle and curtains are on the agenda....almost done! Sounds like you had a fun week....other than the tornado. I am expecting Daniel in a clown costume one of these Sundays...... Linda

Cheri said...

It was almost 3 years ago, Becky. She is very tall for her age, though. And yes, it is a fun crowd - on the road or off.

That's right, Linda - we may not be able to play video games, but we can bake!

Should we wear tiaras next time we get together.:)

It would never surprise me to see Daniel in a clown costume. Happy cleaning!