Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tracing God's hand of faithfulness

Jon is having an incredible experience in Czech. He is working there with two friends of ours. We have known Dave since 1978-he and Joyce moved to the Northwoods at the same time we did. We clicked right away - Joyce and I sang in a trio together for many years (including this past January). Dave and Pat went fishing together - a lot!- and have many stories to tell. Dave and Pat also established a tradition of going out for breakfast together the day after the birth of each of our collective 6 children to celebrate. So Dave and Pat went out to breakfast 28+ years ago to celebrate Jon's birth and now they are working side by side in Eastern Europe. Love that. Jon and Dave and others are there to continue working on a retreat center. Mel asked them to come. Mel was Jon and Nate's youth pastor. * He taught both the boys to play guitar (for which we are so grateful). Mel and his wife Amy are remarkable people, talented and completely dedicated to Jesus Christ. Their family, as missionaries to Czech Republic, have been given a remarkable, once in a lifetime experience. Their equally talented 15 year old son Noah, has been steadily advancing through the ranks of Czech Superstar - CR's equivalent to American Idol. You can read more about it and follow the links to see Noah sing at Dave's blog here. They have a national platform, for this time, to talk about their faith in Christ. I have read one or two articles which talk about Noah, the 'missionary superstar'. Amazing. Whether he wins it all or not - he has definitely made and impact and you can tell the judges are especially fond of him because he is 'different' 'special' and 'innocent'. Enough from me for today...lots to do. Later this week I will tell you about our church's new website and our visit on Sunday with our friends Nancy and Lanny. *Youth pastor Mel introduced Jon to the guitar, which Jon uses often in his chosen career path as youth and worship leader. Youth pastor Curt who came after Mel introduced Jon to his sister-in-law Kristi. Faithful readers will recognize that Kristi became Jon's wife. We are so grateful! We are so thankful for these two men and their impact on our boys' lives!


Anonymous said...

I like your house.

Cheri said...

Thanks, it is fancier than what we have been used to, but we like it too.