Monday, March 21, 2011


Sorry for the silence this past week. The events in Japan and Libya and elsewhere occupied my mind and my prayers. I couldn't bring myself to blog about anything cheery while so many were suffering.

And so many continue to suffer. Our prayers are with them and our hearts are broken for their pain and loss.
So many thoughts to share, but I will limit today's post to a few bullet points because my sister and nephew are here and I want to go hang out with them.

  • Yesterday Nate and Michelle were headed west for spring break. Jon was headed east (as in Eastern Europe for a mission trip) and Daniel was headed back north toward home.
  • Nate and Michelle arrived at their destination with no apparent troubles.
  • Jon drove from Iowa to Minneapolis on Saturday. He stayed with my sister Suzi Saturday night and she transported him to the airport. His travel plans were to be: Mpls. to NYC to Prague to Krakow.
  • Jon's flight was delayed for a bit, but after a half hour or so they took off. However they didn't land at JFK, they were diverted to DesMoines. After leaving home 24 hours earlier, he arrived at his first (non)destination 30 miles from home!
  • They finally got a flight to JFK and arrived at about 2 a.m this morning. Their next flight out is not until this evening. Poor guy - he is already exhausted and he hasn't even left the country! Tonight he will fly to Amsterday then Prague then Krakow then a 2 hour flight back into Czech Republic. I'm tired just typing this!
  • Daniel is traveling back north toward home but we haven't heard from him and don't know if he made it back yet or not. He is with his lovely girlfriend Laura, so phoning or texting Mom and Dad is not a priority. ~smile~
  • I mowed the grass for the first time the other day. It was wonderful.
  • Daffodils are in bloom, pear trees are flowering and the redbuds are just starting. The weather has been lovely these past few days.
  • Blogging will be sporadic again this week as my priority is spending time with Lori and Richard. Hope you all have a good week!


Anonymous said...

Really? You mowed the lawn? Were you shoveling snow and hauling wood somewhere in the back of your mind? We had snow, sleet, and rain, with a little touch of thunder and lightening. During church the snow was coming down so fast that my sister-in-law thought it looked like someone was fast-forwarding a movie. (She is a movie-buff from California and notices these things.) By the way, it sounds like your boys have
inherited the "travel bug" from their mother! I have lots of piano students heading out for Florida next week...I told them they should all just take a bus together! Lots of ups and downs here, but God is a firm rock and strength. Linda

Cheri said...

God is our firm rock and strength, Linda. And yes, I guess the boys inherited the travel bug from me.

Yep, really mowed the lawn, and still can't quite believe that I'm not shoveling and hauling.

Love to you!