Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday tour - dining room

Okay, you asked for it. Well, Becky did. A house tour.

I feel a little funny about this, but also know that I enjoy seeing other folks' homes and perhaps one or two of my two or three readers would enjoy seeing our home.

For the record, since I made it clear that you do not want to take fashion advice from me (and got not argument), I also want to make it clear that you do not want to take decorating advice from me.

Not a decorator. Which you will recognize immediately when I show you around the house.

I love old things, surround me with old family pieces with stories and history and I'm a happy girl. No shiny and new for me.

However, the biggest compliment a friend ever paid me on our home? It is so peaceful here they said.

That warmed my heart.

So, peace to all who enter here:

For most of our married life this glass case cabinet resided in my in-law's basement. When Pat and his brother were growing up, this was their natural history museum, housing bits of nature the boys would find and bring home.

It currently holds other treasures. The plant on top was given to me by my church family when I had a lumpectomy. It was benign and this plant testifies to God's goodness and graciousness to me as well as the love of a wonderful church.

The two chubby people to the right of the plant are tea light holders brought back from Peru by Daniel when he was on a mission trip there. (He may have said that they two chubby people reminded him of us, we most likely had an appropriate retort.)

This china dates back to the 1880's. We found it after my mother-in-law's death all wrapped up and safely stored in a trunk. I had not seen it before and thought it beautiful and worthy of display. These are some pieces that belonged to my Grandma. Actually, only the cookie jar did, I found the little teapots at an antique store and have been on the lookout for 'rooster and roses' dishes ever since. Fond memories of eating at Grandma's every summer. Fresh tomatoes, new potatoes, crisp cucumbers, and most especially corn on the cob, picked from the field, husked and de-silked on the front porch, popped in the pot of boiling water and enjoyed immensely at the table.
Some beautiful pottery made by my very talented brother-in-law.
This 'wardrobe' (if you are very imaginative you can step into Narnia through this door...) was purchased with birthday money at a friend's antique and quilt shop. Pat was guiding during this time, so my friend Mary and I hauled it up our deck stairs and placed it in the living room.

It holds my wedding china and miscellaneous other serving dishes.

On top of the wardrobe is Pat's (old- won't say how old~wink~) rocking horse. Sock monkeys and a stuffed clown are taking a little ride. The mailbox and the stacking rings were also Pat's; the Norwegian horses are newer (but almost 30 years old now...). And in this corner, three picnic baskets, two from garage sales, one from my mother-in-law's complete with matching plastic (early plastic) plates and cups. The quilts? I made the cat one for my mother-in-law. The top quilt was made by Leah S. Leah was born in 1891 and made this quilt when she was 10 or 12. She gave it to my mother-in-law in 1979.

So, there you have my dining room. Full of family treasures. Nothing that would be featured in Country Living or House Beautiful.

But it is ours, full of family history, collected and assembled over time. It makes me smile.


Lady Farmer said...

Your dining room tour made me smile, too! Just my kind of place ~ full of family history and stories, things collected over time ~ not bought from a store all matchy matchy! Thank you for sharing!

Becky said...

Peaceful indeed! I love all the treasures and stories that go along with them. When we moved and had to downsize big time, I kept the few things that had a soul. "Why are we keeping that wooden bowl?" the Butler wanted to know. "It serves no purpose."

"Because my grandpa made it, and he died in 1969 and I was incredibly close to him and it's all I have left." The Butler had no idea.

So thanks for touring us. I expect there must be more to come :)