Monday, April 11, 2011

flop? not!

One would think, if one had invited many to attend an open house and no one showed up, it would be a flop. One would be wrong. Though none of our invited guests showed up - and in their defense, no one actually committed to coming, some had other engagements, others were just, well, non-committal- our pastor, his seminary buddy and our co-hosts were here. So the six of us sat in our (clean! yay!) living room and talked. Benjamin is an excellent 'question asker'. He asked about experiences we had with various traditions of partaking in the LORD's Supper. We discussed this for the better part of an hour. I love having discussions like this. Hearkens back to college days. How often do we take the time to sit with folks we fellowship with and talk about important things. It is fine to talk about the weather, the family, world events, the garden...but when we get down to talk about eternal things...well, that's what I'm talkin' about. And the other upside to the no shows? We are having a community open house in a few weeks. And those folks that didn't make it here Saturday night, may agree to come to that (especially since I have guilt working for me..teehee...) . ~~~~~ And in other completely unrelated news. How about this? Wow. I made this for my mother in law in the early '80's.
Tho' I'm not necessarily a cat person I love this quilt.


Anonymous said...

I loved college discussions too. People could all have different opinions and no one got their feelings hurt. I know we aren't discussing the weather.....but, how is your weather? My sister-in-law is in your state visiting children. I like the red quilts, and the idea of just two colors. Did you really embroider all of those cats? That was a "before children" project, right? Love you, Linda

Anonymous said...

I like the quilt a lot.

Cheri said...

@ Linda...The weather has been stormy one day, beautiful the next. Today was great 75 and sunny. Tomorrow promises to be more of the same.

Yes, I really embroidered all those cats. While the boys were napping.

@anon. Thanks!