Thursday, April 14, 2011

for Becky (and others)

In the words of the Car Talk guys, Tom and Ray, I'm not a slave to fashion. So, be very careful about accepting and implementing my fashion advice. But since fellow blogger and friend (though we haven't met) Becky just got a new job (yay!) and has to get a new wardrobe, here are my thoughts on the matter (and a few links to show you that if I am completely off my rocker, at least I'm not alone).

Here is a list of the contents of my closet:

  • black skirt

  • black dress pants (2) one in better condition than the other

  • black exercise pants

  • jeans (1)

  • denim capris (2) one pair for going out in public, one for at home

  • khaki capris

  • black blouse (3/4 sleeve)

  • blue blouse (3/4 sleeve)

  • tan linen blouse (short sleeve)

  • mint green blouse (3/4 sleeve)

  • pink/tan/white striped blouse (3/4 sleeve)

  • white blouse (long sleeve)

  • white blouse (3/4 sleeve)

  • black tee

  • blue tee

  • mint colored dressy tee

  • white tee

  • stained tee (suitable for at home only)

  • black blazer

  • tan blazer

  • brown sweater

  • striped sweater in muted grays and blues

  • dark purple sweater

I also have two hoodies (one that is mostly ripped to shreds but is great for working outside in) and one gray turtleneck that I only wear for my early morning walks.

28 items including 5 things that are not suitable for wearing out in public. If I didn't work in the yard and garden, I'd really have a streamlined wardrobe!

Footwear includes: black boots, black slides (great with pants or skirts and comfortable as slippers) white sandals, black flip flops, and walking shoes. Oh, and a pair of worn out Crocs destined for this.

I'm not listing my unmentionables here, but rest assured there are enough to get me through the week and beyond.

This is what works for me. I do not work outside of the home, but if I did or if I were up in front in church, I would probably only add one skirt or dress and perhaps a pair of dressy khaki slacks.

Also, there is a new dress in my future when Daniel and Laura get married. :)

What works for you? Do you have lots and lots of clothes? Do you wear them all? Or could your wardrobe use some paring down? Please leave a comment - I'd love to know what your thoughts are?

Does a wardrobe a la Steve Jobs appeal?

Here are a few links to minimized wardrobes:

Living in Italy on what she packed in half a suitcase.

Seven steps to a minimalist wardrobe.

The minimalist wardrobe (aka the 10 item wardrobe).


How to manage your wardrobe with common sense.

Have fun perusing!


Becky said...

I LOVE this! And so fun that you blogged for ME! hehehe. Fun fun fun.

I also love the fact that according to the links, I can likely get rid of most of what I still do have in my closet (not much but most of it doesn't fit anyway) and use the other things to mix and match.

I am off to shop today ... looking for blazers and inexpensive tops for under them. I have a list of thrift stores that "specialize in women's clothing". Here's hoping someone in my size just retired and is living in jeans and t-shirts. And loving it :)

Thanks Cheri.

Anonymous said...

From yesterday...I am teaching 25 students (one is an elderly woman). Dropping off Ike at 5 AM this morning was so funny. It's no longer cool for moms to be around taking parents were going along. We had considered driving down but couldn't afford Ike has the camera and will be taking videos. We probably would have been the only doting parents there. I guess we have to learn the cool language of high school...and start letting our little one go.....but my heart wants to be there. Did you ever sell homeschool books online? I have a ton to get rid of. Good to hear there is another woman in the universe with one pair of jeans! Linda

momawake said...

My wardrobe consists of jeans, jeans and more jeans for cold weather. I live in jeans during the fall, winter and part of spring. I have way too many shirts and have downsized, but I really like the owns that are left.

For church I wear mostly corduroys during the cold months and skirts and dresses in the summer. I have way too many of those (skirts & dresses) also because I like to sew and try new things.

During the summer I wear mostly capris and knit shirts.

And last but not least, since we homeschool, I cannot be without warm nightgowns and my robe. ;-) There are days when that's the outfit of the day (or at least most of the day).

Kristi said...

The last time I needed a new pair of jeans, well actually a couple, I went to the thrift store. I was really wanting Gap jeans, but decided we of course couldn't afford $60 for one pair, and I certainly couldn't have bought two. Well, I ended up finding two pairs that looked just like new and only payed $6 per pair!
You know me, I do like fashion and clothes, but when I only spend a few bucks on a shirt, either on major clearance or from the thrift store, I don't have to feel bad when it wears out or I decided to get a couple new things!

Cheri said...

Praying for you, Becky!

Wow, Linda! 25 students! Hope Ike had a great time.

Thanks for a peek into your closet, momawake! I love knowing how other people live.

Kristi, you are such a super shopper. I am always inspired by the deals you get!