Wednesday, April 27, 2011

not much, how 'bout you?

You may have noticed.

I have been in a blogging funk lately. Thinking about quitting, deciding not to, back and forth.

Posts will be less frequent for the time being - a few times a week (and hopefully better quality than of late...).

For now, though, I'm thinking about visiting these adorables. Soon.
What is going on with all of you?


Lady Farmer said...

I think I'd rather visit with them than us, if I were you, too! How cute! Enjoy your Grandma time!

Anonymous said...

Wondered where you were! Thought maybe the storms had hit your area. The kids just keep getting cuter...I can see why you want to take a trip. I am in this funk of it being too quiet in the house now that I am not homeschooling.....and I know there is lots to do but I don't get much done...I will have to put some music on to get the bills paid this afternoon. God's blessings, Linda

Becky said...

Well I think I'd drop blogging and a lot more to go see those two darlin's. Nothing could keep me away. I don't know how you do it.

As for me ... I'm busy and not blogging much either. Not much day left at the end of my work :)

Anonymous said...

Fighting a bad situation right now. Been hospitalized for 2 weeks.
The little kids at the daycare there keep me happy though....they are nuts, but they brought me a cupcake today. They make me laugh.

Keep blogging.

Cheri said...

@ladyfarmer - I still like to visit with you, though! :)
@Linda - the house IS too quiet after homeschooling is done. GOD will bring other things your way.
@Becky - I so thankful that I can see pics of my grands on FB every so often. We will be seeing them next week.
@anon - hospitalized two weeks? Hope you are right as rain real soon!