Thursday, April 28, 2011


They sent the school kids home at 1. I called my piano students and re-scheduled and cancel(l)ed.
The first storm hit at 3:30 ish. High winds, hail, thunder and lightning. Tornado warnings. This same pattern repeated itself another 6 times before 1 a.m.

We lost power at 7 p.m. ish. It is still not back on.

I'm sitting at our local wifi spot recharging our computer and phone (note to self - buy car chargers!!).

The photos from Alabama and Mississippi make me want to weep. A tornado touched down in our town (not sure where yet), but we were spared the devastation and death that hit south west of here.

Things I am for which I am thankful:
a fully charged laptop and a DVD to watch
a fully charged phone
a strong home
a camp stove (fried eggs this morning, cooked up on the back porch)
good lanterns
a protective husband
a GOD who loves me; regardless of what happens, I am safe

I have no idea when we will be up and running again. I'm so thankful I like camping!


Becky said...

Campers are so ingenious when it comes to the "comforts" of home. Well done.

The sights are amazing. What an awful awful day in our history.

Cheri said...

Did your 'kin' have any storm related damage? Hope they are all fine....