Monday, May 16, 2011


2, 150 miles.
3 handsome and talented sons
2 beautiful daughters-in-love
2 cute and fun grandchildren
4 different beds
5 amazing worship services
4 thought provoking workshops
1500 brothers and sisters in Christ

My head is stuffed full of knowledge. My heart is stuffed full of gratitude and love.

I'll gradually share info over the next few days, but for now - my house is full of dust bunnies and dirty laundry.

Much to contemplate, but for now, I'm missing these cuties:

These two really love each other!

pensive and still

such a little doll, with a sweet personality to match and a cheerio corsage

Did I tell you? Grandbaby #3 is a girl!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....the cheerio corsage really makes the outfit...I see a business venture of edible breakfast cereal corsages for children in your future. I told Daniel he's not permitted to leave us for a Harvest church (as if I have any clout); hopefully his sweetie will keep him up here. Wishing to garden, but lifted some planters and put my back out and have been laying around. Told chiropractor that in my head I am still indestructable. Have a great day settling back in. Linda

Cheri said...

Daniel loves where he is at, Linda! I think he got some good ideas this past week though.

Sorry about your back. :( You should call your favorite youth pastor in when you need help with heavy lifting. Get well soon!