Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tech no

I'm in one of those 'get rid of technology' moods.

This happens quite often. :)

So, you can imagine that I really appreciated this post.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Loved the website. How did you find it? (I confess I got side-tracked into the vegetable garden site within the article.) As our modem has been throwing a fit the last 24 hours....I can understand the feelings about technology. One power outage and everyone is so helpless. Anyway, side-tracking back to gardening....I keep trying to be more self-sufficient, with the hope of sharing with others, in my yard.....and we figure the less grass we have to mow the better! We planted the blueberry beds this week; I dried chives, and picked asparagus, a pound in 3 days. Plum trees are in full blossom, apple trees are just starting to blossom...I hope to plant the garden this weekend. Glad you are all okay in Tennessee. Those storms look terrible on the news.

Cheri said...

Sorry, Linda, I can't remember how I found that website. Googlins Christian Minimalists? LOL

Yes, less yard, more garden! How were you able to dry chives? In the oven or a dehydrator?

Yes, the storms have been terrible. Here in the valley we seem to be somewhat sheltered.
Miss you!

TNfarmgirl said...

Will miss you this summer - enjoy the break :)
The other Cheri :)