Monday, May 23, 2011


Last month tornadoes came close to my aunts and cousins (paternal side) in North Carolina.

Earlier this month my aunt and uncle and cousins (maternal side) spent the better part of a day sandbagging my aunt and uncles home to protect it from rising flood waters from the Ohio.

We spent a day without power as a result of several tornadoes touching down in our area a few weeks ago.

So when my sister Suzi called and left a message saying 'We are okay', I was not surprised to hear that her news was weather related. Suzi and Tim own a few homes and my niece and nephews live in two of these homes in North Minneapolis.

You can read more about the tornadoes that hit North Minneapolis here. The one death that has been reported was a man that lived two doors away from my nephew. The kids' friend Pete had just arrived at their house. He hadn't even gotten out of his car when this happened:

He was in the driver's seat and narrowly missed getting killed.

All of the trees in that yard are down.

We are so thankful that the kids are all safe.

Now the work begins. Today in Kansas and Missouri and Minneapolis, you will hear the sound of debris being chucked into dumpsters, tarps being nailed onto roofs and chain saws clearing downed trees. Add that to the cleanup work that continues in Alabama and Mississippi. Not to mention the flooding. And that is just in our country. Don't forget Japan and Haiti.

So many people without homes now. And on the flip side so many homes in various parts of the country in danger of being foreclosed upon.

Wouldn't it be nice if the two groups could come together? While I am waiting to rebuild my house, I could live in your house and pay rent to help keep you out of foreclosure?

Just a thought....

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