Friday, May 20, 2011

yesterday in the hood

Down on his luck, he said.

Couldn't find a job, he said.

His little girl has leukemia and he can't afford her monthly treatments, he said.

Do you have any work I could do for you, he asked.

A few kind and generous neighbors gave him some cash. One emptied his five gallon gas can into the man's car.

Within a few hours this man and two others were arrested in the top loop of our subdivision. They were trying to break in to a home - the owners were not home at the time.


These are desperate times. Unemployment is high. Prices are high. And according to an area detective, drug prices are on the rise.

We are blessed with great neighbors. We have an unofficial neighborhood watch and believe you me, they are watching.

We know of two people in our area who have been robbed. They live a mile or two down the road from us. One is my piano student. The other is our insurance agent.

Thankfully our riches are in heaven, so there is very little on earth that man can do to us.

But still, we are keeping our eyes open.


Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

How scary ... a shame when someone takes advantage of the kind, giving hearts of people.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the world is a different place, it seems lately. Trouble brings out the root of our character, perhaps good, perhaps bad. It bothers me that it seems so many men are throwing in the towel. Choosing to rob,choosing to sin. Such a heavy need for the message of the Saviour to be spoken more clearly to those around us. Will be praying for your safety. Some time back a guy ran across our yard and was hiding behind the laundrymat dumpster....I thought it was a dad playing hide-and-go-seek with his kids while they did laundry. (Sometimes I am so ridiculously innocent and naive.) Awhile later the police and their police-dog came sniffing across our yard, turns out it was an escapee from the jail. He was caught later in the day. On a happy note: daffodils are up and so beautiful, and I am working on adding more blueberries to my garden. It's a beautiful day here. Linda