Wednesday, August 31, 2011

summer summary

There was sewing:

turning a thrifted dresser scarf into a lap quilt
a quilt for Lainey (due Sept. 29!)
need to confess - this was already pieced yardage that I'm tying and binding

a Christmas pillow

Time with family:

Mom and Dad are doing fairly well. It seems like we have visited various doctors quite a bit.
Alzheimer's continues to make inroads into Mom's brain, but she is still so very sweet. Dad has had a few diabetic episodes, but we carry on.
treasured visits with family

Pretty flowers:

I also enjoyed a week with Kristi, Josh and Sadie while Jon was on a mission trip to New Orleans.

Lots to tell, I'll pop back in here once or twice a week to chat with you. Hope you are all well!


Lady Farmer said...

Hello Cheri~
So good to hear from you! Looks like you have gotten so much accomplished this summer. The quilts and pillow are so cute! I never would have thought to turn a dresser scarf into a lap quilt ! Very creative!
Oh, I am sorry to hear that your mom has Alzheimer's. So difficult to lose our loved ones one small piece at a time! How we need to cherish our times with loved ones, time goes so quickly and we don't even realize it!
Looking forward to hearing more from you!
Be Blessed today!

momawake said...

Sorry to read about your mom's Alzheimers. Here are two links to what I hope will be helpful.

Patrice said...

Hi Cheri,

Glad you all are getting along well downsouth and enjoying time with your family. I see you've been busy, I love the quilts and pillow.

Cheri said...

Hey Lady Farmer, thanks for your kind words! It is good to be back.

Momawake - thanks for those links...very intereseting.

And thanks Patrice, I 'see' you on HT, did you quit blogging?