Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cheap Thrills

Last spring Pat and I were taking a walk around the block.  Our neighbors were out, so being the neighborly sort, we stopped to chat with them.  Turns out they were moving some landscaping rocks and maybe Pat could help?  Pat did and if I recall correctly, paid for it with a sore back.  It was a really big rock.

The neighbors were making a few changes in the yard and home and I noticed that they were removing a glass top table and chairs from the enclosed porch.

'If you ever decide to sell that table and chairs, let me know - that is just exactly what I was looking for for our back porch."  says I.

We didn't hear anything more about it, until several weeks later when we returned from a trip up north.  The table and chairs were piled up against the back door of our back porch.

I called the neighbor and asked how much we owed them and he said.....NOTHING!  This beautiful, perfect table set was free to us!  Hooray!   We take care of their dogs when they are out of town and pick up their mail and do other neighborly things like move huge rocks - so this was their gift of thanks.

Needless to say we were/are thrilled.

Not only is this just what we were looking for, it turns out that having a glass top table can be quite handy.  I was working on my dresser scarf turned lap quilt project and thought, 'if only I had a light box, I could trace the vines and leaves from the dresser scarf embroidery on the center of the scarf and quilt that pattern'.

Light boxes are not cheap and generally if I want to trace something I will tape it to a window.
However this scarf quilt is rather heavy for taping to windows.

However, if I laid it on my 'new' glass top table and put a lamp underneath, I can see just fine to trace the pattern I want.  (I stacked the lamp on books to bring the light up close to the table.)

Here is the pattern I wanted to trace:

Here is the pattern traced and all ready to quilt:

Patrick decided to take an (unauthorized) picture of me, quilting.  Clearly I should have been combing my hair instead.
Enough with the pictures~

I'm excited about this project.  Thrifted unfinished dresser scarf completed with floss I had on hand, trimmed with patchwork squares from my limited stash.  I had enough backing fabric on hand and I got the batting for 40% off.   This little project is only costing a few bucks!

My goal is to have this done before I head north to meet my new granddaughter.  Twenty more days!


Becky said...

I love that unauthorized picture. And brilliant idea with the light box. I hope the view from that table and chairs is great because when I come to visit, I want to have my morning coffee right there :)

swansmith said...

Love all the pictures--the ones of you are sweet and funny!
What an excellent idea for a light table! You are certainly imaginative and creative!
Got a Christmas project for you (when we visit) if you are willing. My nylon bag ripped on my way to class today, spilling all the contents (including student papers). A nice young man helped me collect everything. If you decline, it's certainly okay--maybe duct tape would be another solution!
Love you! ~Suzi

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy! My adult piano student is teaching me how to take my daughter's many youth group event tee shirts from High school and form them into a quilt. I have only cut them out so far. Great to see your picture, and your cute creations. Linda

Lady Farmer said...

You know what they say ~ What goes around, comes around! Or how about, pay it forward! Nice reward for your and Pat's efforts of neighboring!
How clever you are to create a lightbox with a lamp and your new table!
The quilt is turning out lovely (that new little miss will adore it, I'm sure!) and you are a cutie ~ more unauthorized photos in the future, please!

Cheri said...

Becky, get yourself down here! Coffee, tea, homemade cinnamon rolls, you name it, I'll get it. If you were here today you could have it with fresh peaches. :)

Suzi, yes I will repair your bag, and what color would you like your new bag to be? :)

Tee shirt quilt! Great idea, Linda. Can't wait to see a picture!

Lady Farmer, how 'bout a picture of you on your blog? (tease) I don't recall ever seeing any.....