Friday, September 16, 2011

Emilee in stitches

Take one very cute six year old niece. 

Add one piece of white scrap fabric with a simple butterfly outline sketched out in disappearing ink.

Lay out pastel embroidery floss and let cute six year old niece pick out any colors she wants.

Teach her the running stitch and 'let 'er go'.

The result?  Free entertainment for at least an hour and a skill for a lifetime.

Emilee wants to finish stitching this and make it into a pillow or a blanket the next time she comes down.

I see a lot of sewing in our future.

She's such a stitch.


Lady Farmer said...

Sew cute~both the niece and the stitching!

werwells said...

Love the pictures sis! We had a great time! Thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

Very cute little niece ! :>))

Cheri said...

Thanks everyone!