Monday, September 26, 2011

grandma's got a brand new bag

  • We extended our busy week of appointments last week.  While I was off getting my mammogram (kudos to this place, I was in and out in 9 minutes!), Mom and Dad were taking their very sick puppy - the lovely KimmeeSue to the vet.  Diagnosis: pancreatitis.  Dad has to make rice and chicken for KS every day while she recovers.  No commercial dog food.
  • While I was out and about, Pat spotted an oil leak on our garage floor.  He made an appointment for our car at the local fix-it place.  We took it in on Friday morning and by 5 p.m. on Friday, it was still not fixed (pinion seal).  We spent the weekend without a car.  We only have one.
  • This is not as bad as it sounds.  I was able to work ahead on my Bible study homework (I don't want to take the bulky notebook on my trip) and get the garage cleaned and piece three Christmas stockings - in addition to the usual.
  • With no car, we 'went' to church online and listened to the sermon at Jon and Kristi's church.  I also listened to Erwin Lutzer's sermon about the prodigal son.  Both sermons were very, very good.
  • The diet continues to go well.  I feel fine and am not hungry.  I've probably lost about 5 pounds, though I haven't stepped on a scale yet.
  • Remember me mentioning that Wasa crispbread would taste really good with cream cheese?  They have recipes on their website and yes, some of them do suggest using cream cheese.  But one recipe recommended using mustard on the crispbread, so I tried that.  Crispbread, mustard, romaine lettuce, topped with pickle relish and cucumber slices.  It was pretty good!  That is now my standard lunch fare.
  • I also made some soup with chicken boullion, onion, potatoes, green beans and corn.  I was out of celery, but that would have made a nice addition.  Oh, and I threw in a handful of barley.  Tasty and filling soup.
  • I think I will try this recipe. sounds hearty and flavorful (of course, I will leave out the cheese).  Arrgh!  I read the recipe yesterday and now cannot find it on Tonia's blog.  But it was simple enough to remember: 2 cans black beans, 2 cans corn, 1 big bottle of salsa.  Combine and heat.  Topped with shredded cheese (or in my case....not).
  • We are getting a new roof.  On our three and a half year old house.  We had damage during the hail storm back in April or May and it needs replacing.  The new shingles are sitting on our driveway and the roofers are scheduled to arrive today or tomorrow.  I hope they can pound in rhythm with my piano students.  Should be a noisy few days here.
  • Oh, that bag in the photo on top?  I finished that up the other day.  One of my dear sweet commenters mentioned that she had a 'bag malfunction'.  She thought she might mend it with duct tape until she could bring it down for me to mend on the sewing machine.  Well, lest she be spotted on campus with a less than professorial looking tote, I thought I would sew up something a little classier (yet fun).  It will be popped in the mail as soon as we get our car back.
  • When the boys were little they would count down by how many 'sleeps' were left until a big event.  For me, two more sleeps until I go see our grands - three more sleeps until I meet our new granddaughter!

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Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

We had to get a new roof last year, on our 2 1/2 year old house ... same culprit: hail.

I'll bet you can NOT wait to see those grands, especially that new little one! {{hug}}