Monday, September 12, 2011

Our hairipist

We were blessed to have my brother and niece and nephew here for a few hours on Saturday. 

The agenda? 
Ethan needed a haircut. 

The before:

The shampooing of his shagginess

Ahhhh, that feels good:


Harriet is not only our 'hairipist', she is also quite a 'cut-up' (hahahha).

Judy  (below) is one of the gals who gets her hair 'done' at the same time Mom does.  She has become a good friend, one time even taking Mom from the hair dresser's to Walmart when they learned that Dad had passed out there. (He was revived by paramedics - I met them there and brought both Mom and Dad home after the danger had passed).

Mom and Judy

We sure do appreciate these sweet ladies and love having friends and family come visit.  When are you coming?


werwells said...

Ethan loved his haircut and Emilee really loved her new curls. Great pictures as always! Love ya!


Cheri said...

Thanks Roger - hope you can come down every six weeks or so. Love you!