Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the week in review

Aren't they adorable?

We found some pictures of Mom when she was a little girl.  It is uncanny how much Emilee resembles her grandma at that age.  Beautiful blue eyes and blonde wavy hair.  And full of personality as you can see from this picture:

On to the week in review:

September 14: Visit Dad's opthamologist to see if Dad needs a shot to slow the progression of macular degeneration.  This is a good check-up; no shot (in the eye-yikes!) necessary.  We go every 4-6 weeks.

September 15: Dad sees his endocrinologist.  His numbers are all good.  While he is there, I run up the road and have some routine annual lab work done.  When I return, the nurse teaches me how to administer a shot to Dad when he is hypoglycemic (and unconscious).

September 16: Pat visits podiatrist.  I accompany him, pick up some piano books for my students, we have a wonderful meal out at Cheddars.  So much food that I took home enough for us to eat on Saturday.

September 18:  Sunday around 5 p.m I feel vaguely uncomfortable.  The pain in my abdomen increases and the pressure makes it hard to concentrate or get comfortable.  Took a few baby aspirin in case it was a heart attack.  Drank some ginger tea in case it is indigestion.  Nothing helped and sleep did not come that night.

September 19:  I'm still somewhat uncomfortable and exhausted.  The phone rings at 9 a.m.  The nurse practitioner has my lab results.  "Your liver panels are very high.  One is bad, the other not quite so bad.  I've scheduled a liver ultrasound for you this afternoon at 3:15." 

 "What could be the problem?"  I ask.
"Anything from gallstones to liver cancer." she replies.
 "Oh." I say.

We trek up to the big city (45 minutes one way for all of the above appointments).  The ultra sound reveals a gall bladder full of stones.  When I ask the nurse practitioner if I can delay surgery until after I return from the birth of our third grandchild, she says that I'd better take my medical records with me, because I'm going to need them.  We alert Jon and Kristi that I might not be able to come up (waaaahhhhh!).

September 20: Met with the surgeon.  What a great guy!  Seems to be a Christian.  Said that going to be with the kids and grands was very important.  As long as  I DON'T EAT ANY FAT until my surgery I should be fine.  I'm so excited I can fly up to see the kids and grands, not so excited about my new diet.  No birthday cake for this girl this year.  But, I am extremely motivated to follow my new diet.  Surgery will be sometime after Oct. 10.  I'm very thankful for God's protection and care.

September 21: Pat has an appointment today.  He's been having ear pain for quite a while now.

September 22: I have a routine (I HOPE!) mammogram.

No doctor appointments on September 23 as far as I know.

So.  That's my week.  Looking back at this schedule I now realize why I failed to accomplish much.  We spent a lot of time in the car or in the doctor's office this past week.

How was your week?


Anonymous said...

Cheri, what a week! I'll be praying you can resist eating fat during your baby visit....sometimes it's that one thing that you can't have that you want more! (Eve syndrome..."What? You're telling me I can't eat that apple?") Speaking of apples, I have been putting them up all week, in sauce, butter, roll-ups, and dried forms. My trees were abundantly blessed. I have also given 4 big boxes away so far. Other than that, I have all of my students back, and also get the two boys out of the house by 7:30 after a good breakfast and lunch packing. That fills up the day. About 200 lbs left under my table....there were 519 lbs of apples at the beginning...I am starting to see my counters again. Will be praying for your surgery. Linda

Anonymous said...

Take care of your health. It's priceless !!
Hope it works out OK.

Lady Farmer said...

Praying for all of these things, Cheri! Especially that the time goes quickly (not too quickly when with that new baby!) and surgery is uncomplicated.

Cheri said...

Wow Linda! Have you ever been busy! So far I'm not craving fat. My last gallbladder attack was so uncomfortable that I'm motivated. And even more motivated to go see J&K and the grands!

Thanks Anon. Watching what I eat here.

And thanks for your prayers Lady Farmer! Much appreciated!